Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Quest for Shakespare

Last week our actors Kevin O'Brien, Julian Ahlquist and Molly Comer headed down to the studios of EWTN in Birmingham, Alabama to film scenes for The Quest for Shakespeare, a new 13 part series which will be hosted by Shakespearian scholar and author Joseph Pearce.

Joseph makes a compelling case for Shakespeare's Catholicism, and our actors help demonstrate this by performing several scenes from the bard's plays as well as by portraying various historical figures who knew Shakespeare, who studied him, or who were effected by the persecutions of the Elizabethan monarchy.

The series is scheduled to premiere in January of 2009, and will be available on DVD as well.

"Working at EWTN is a tremendous experience," O'Brien notes. "It's a miraculous place, and everyone there is dedicated to his or her faith in a remarkable way."

O'Brien and his actors played over sixty different characters in 56 scenes between them, including scenes from King Lear, Hamlet, As You Like It, Richard II and more. Watch for The Quest for Shakespeare on EWTN!

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