Saturday, May 17, 2008

Faith is in the Air

Kevin writes from Alabama ...

My friends, do you ever wonder if you're doing the right thing, if your faith is in vain, if God is either absent or non-existent, if placing your trust in Him would be a foolish thing to do?

If so, then spend a week or so at the studios of EWTN in Birmingham, as my actors and I are doing this week. This network was begun by a spunky nun with $300 in her pocket and nothing but faith in God. Deacon Bill tells me that it costs over $3 million a month to run the network, and that this money is never there when the month begins. It comes from donors, and it runs a 320 employee operation that reaches over 200 million homes worldwide - an operation that in true Franciscan spirit, relies entirely on God's providence.

It is an utter trust in God that has made this place work. A trust that God will do something that from the outside seems impossible, that if it were something done by men alone and for men alone would be vain and merely self-serving.

But since this is done for the sake of God, in a spirit of love and sacrifice, it all works - and everyone you meet at these studios is there for reasons beyond himself, and every other one has a miracle that he's experienced or witnessed; and this place makes you say - "How these Christians love one another!"

This is how the Church should be.

Not to mention that EWTN has been the bulwark against the decay that has spread in modern religion, the false doctrine of Christ without the Cross, the dreadful message of vacuity and despair and self-congratulatory narcissim that is all around us, in the very air we breathe.

But also in that same air are the beams of truth sent from where I now am in Irondale worldwide, the beams of the satellite feed that feed our faltering faith.

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Shea said...

Thanks for the great pictures. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. My family and I attended Mass at the CatholicTV studios in the Boston area and we are overjoyed that Catholic beliefs, values and traditions are part of the broadcast day.

Blessings to all of you on your exicting ministry