Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hilaire Belloc on our Recent Election

The enemy which the Faith now has to meet, and which may be called "The Modern Attack," is a wholesale assault upon the fundamentals of the Faith - upon the very existence of the Faith. And the enemy now advancing against us is increasingly conscious of the fact that there can be no question of neutrality. The forces now opposed to the Faith design to destroy. The battle is henceforward engaged upon a definite line of cleavage, involving the survival or destruction of the Catholic Church. And all - not a portion - of its philosophy.

... I do not entitle the modern attack "anti-Christ" - though in my heart I believe that to be the true term for it: No, I do not give it that name because it would seem for the moment exaggerated. But the name doesn't matter. Whether we call it "The Modern Attack" or "anti-Christ" it is all one; there is a clear issue now joined between the retention of Catholic morals, tradition, and authority on the one side, and the active effort to destroy them on the other. The modern attack will not tolerate us. It will attempt to destroy us. Nor can we tolerate it. We must attempt to destroy it as being the fully equipped and ardent enemy of the Truth by which men live. The duel is to the death.

- from The Great Heresies, 1938

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Christopher said...

I love Belloc's forthrightness when he speaks. Equally so- yet in a wonderfully different way- I love G.K.C.'s way of contrasting actual and ideal, of paradox and humor when he speaks.
Between the twain-- well, it is a powerful combination.