Thursday, December 11, 2008

Journey Home on December 15

Kevin O'Brien will be interviewed live by Marcus Grodi on Monday, December 15 at 8:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 pm Central on The Journey Home on EWTN.

Kevin will talk about his journey from atheist to Catholic - with acting and writing along the way - and will take questions via calls and emails from viewers.

Be sure to watch as Kevin describes his amazing journey of faith!


evercane said...

Looking forward to finally seeing it! Hope there's no storms or power outages this time ; )

Gina said...

Me and my mom have our blankets and popcorn ready! :)

evercane said...

Great interview last night. Two things especially struck home with me. One, when Kevin spoke about thinking more in terms of the Creative Spirit or the Holy Spirit at the beginning of his spiritual awakening. That has been my experience as well. Perhaps because it is the part of the Trinity that is easiest for most of us to accept, to feel in a tangible way. The other thing was when Kevin mentioned keeping a journal of his dreams at one point in his life. I have been doing that for over a year now, ever since i started to dream on a regular basis after going many years without hardly remembering any at all. Analyzing these dreams have been both interesting and fruitful as well (or at least i believe it has been).

As to atheism, i hadn't thought of it in that way before but i believe Kevin was right in saying that honest atheists aren't really the problem, since at least they are searching for the truth. The bigger problem has seemingly come from within, from the likes of the Televangelists that he alluded to and also of course from the various scandals. That coupled with a dumbing down of religious teaching and the bias against religion that is found in the media and in Hollywood and in many colleges and universities has helped to ripen this "fad of atheism".

But what has led to this problem in my opinion is too many people had taken Christianity for granted. That is when things fall apart, whether a relationship with a person or a relationship with God. We fall when we stop struggling, when we simply assume things will just keep going as they are without any further effort on our part. Our culture was immersed in Christianity, at least superficially (superficial in the sense of much of it being aimed at children or intended as wholesome "family" entertainment). It seemed this Christian culture and our Christian faith would keep going strong due mostly to inertia and from the hard work of a few, but that we (the common man and woman) didn't have to work at it ourselves. And certainly not when it came to teaching our children.

In a sense we had placed our faith in the village (society) to raise our children, both educationally and spiritually. For why bother teaching the faith to our children when they can just absorb it through Christmas songs and religious movies? Why bother reading Lewis or Chesterton (much less the Church Fathers) when we can watch an inspiring movie and get a quick spiritual lift instead? Not that these things are bad in themselves but they can be bad when substituted for the real thing, thereby creating a dumbed-down and very vulnerable level of understanding, one that could be and in fact has been easily attacked by those hostile to Christianity.

That is why it is heartening to see a growing hunger now among many young people to go deeper, to go beyond the superficial presentation in society of what society thinks it means to be a Christian. To dig deep. To explore and to approach the faith at an adult level, to grapple with it, struggle with it, to search for the truth. And that is why i am very thankful for Theater of the Word Inc and to EWTN, for sharing the faith, teaching us, and entertaining us at the same time. It gives me hope for the future.