Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Father Brown, Detective

Kevin O'Brien is really a dowdy absent-minded crime-solving priest from England. When he plays Father Brown, that is.

Father Brown was created by writer G. K. Chesterton in 1910. In his day, Father Brown and his mystery stories were as popular as Sherlock Holmes. The Father Brown mystery stories, brilliant works of detective fiction, are classics of the genre.

Both Chesterton and Father Brown are experiencing a healthy revival, a century after the crime-solving cleric's creation. O'Brien has been involved in this revival in some very exciting ways.

First, Kevin was interviewed by John J. Miller on "Between the Covers", National Review's podcast, an interview in which he talks about his dramatic rendition of The Innocence of Father Brown, an audio book collection of mysteries, published by Ignatius Press. Kevin also gives insights into Chesterton's writing and some of the things that make Father Brown so much fun to read. Click to listen.

Next, Kevin will talk about Father Brown on Doug Keck's Bookmark on EWTN June 7th and repeated various times throughout that week. Check for more information.

And finally, an episode of Kevin O'Brien's upcoming EWTN series The Theater of the Word Incorporated will be a made-for-TV film, "The Honor of Israel Gow", a mystery in which Father Brown solves a murder at a spooky Scottish castle. This episode will have its world premiere at the Chesterton Conference in Seattle, Washington on August 7. Kevin will give a presentation immediately preceding the screening on "Chesterton and Drama". For more information visit .

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