Monday, January 11, 2010

Adventures at St. Somehwere

This is Stanford Nutting, ex-seminarian. Stanford dropped out of seminary in the 1970's (it wasn't liberal enough for him) and became an adjunct at the local community college. Stanford believes, "Nothing is a sin, and everything is nothing, and nothing is everything ... and that's OK."

This is Bill Johnson, Stanford Nutting's idential twin half-brother. Stanford is a rad trad, or radical traditionalist. He thinks the Catholic Mass should not be celebrated in Latin, as Latin is a "vulgar corruption of the Liturgy from the Fourth Century at least, and that's far too modern for my taste!" He encourages a return to the Mass in Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, or even Ur-Sanskrit, the language that was spoken "before the Tower of Babel".

This is Tommy, Stanford Nutting and Bill Johnson's nephew. They are his co-sponsors for Confirmation. Tommy is desperate to be Confirmed, as Confirmation - according to Tommy - is "graduation from Church". When asked to name the Seven Sacraments, Tommy replies "Texting" and begins to drool.

This is Fr. Mike, along with Tommy and parishioners from Father's parish, St. Somewhere, a suburban parish located ... Somewhere.

Father Mike's adventures as a parish priest - adventures with Stanford, Bill, Tommy, and others - his attempts to imitate Christ among them, when many of them don't particularly care for Christ, his attempts to show them the sacrificial way in a world that derides sacrifice and shouts at the top of its lungs about the great gods of Sex, Money, and Power - Father Mike's struggles with all of this are featured in our live stage play FAITH OF OUR FATHER.

We could have produced a solemn drama about the Cure of Ars or about Melchizedec or about the vocations crisis - but instead we're doing a comedy about daily life at St. Somewhere, for this is the Year of the Priest, and our poor harried priests need all the help they can get - especially in the form of laughter. NOW PLAYING AT A PARISH NEAR YOU!!!

Check out our online calendar to see a list of our upcoming shows. Hover your mouse above a venue name to see the title of the show, and click on the venue name to be taken to its website. Unless otherwise stated, most of our Janaury shows are in the archdiocese of St. Louis. But our shows tour and can come to your location as well!

For more information, call us at 1-888-840-WORD.

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Miguel Cuthbert said...

Thank you for coming to St. Max and presenting this play, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course Stanford Nutting stole the show: "I stand for sitting... right here in a circle!"