Monday, February 1, 2010

Shacking Up and Bad Liturgy

A friend of mine, who has devoted an entire blog to making fun of bad music at Mass makes this apt observation.

The Marty-Mass (i.e. the Marty Haugen crap music liturgy with middle-aged ladies in hot pink blouses performing "liturgical dance") ... the Marty-Mass

" ... is like the ersatz coupling of ‘cohabitation’ that people pretend replaces a marriage, complete with its own emptiness and contraceptive rituals. There is something contraceptive about this charade as well, as though it is not really about being spiritually fruitful and offering ourselves to the Lord, but really is merely about self-stimulation amongst ourselves as we gather in the here and now. There is something sterile about it. I try to pray as the nasally voices in hot-pink gyrate and wave … like a siren song luring poor inexperienced mariners to their doom."

This is from his post here.

Yes, my perceptive friend, this is not just a Culture of Death or a Culture of Despair, it's a Culture of Sterility, as I pointed out here - "Sterility can take Many Forms".

What do these things have in common ...

* Shacking Up
* Contraception
* Masturbation
* Addiction to Video Games and I-pods
* Deliberately Crappy Music at Dumbed-down Liturgies that are all about US.

The answer?

These are all cheats to prevent conception in all its forms, including "conceiving" an idea in your head, "conceiving" new life in the womb, or the "conception" of the Holy Spirit, which is the fruit of contemplation, worship and sanctity.

Indeed, the hardest place to pray is in a Catholic suburban church before during and after Mass

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Che' Lovell said...


I was a member of church just like that. We had liturgical dancing and everything. One of my girlfriends wrote a hymn for us:

We are a Faith Community
by Kerri Erpenblech

I am church and so are you
I am priest and priestess too
Sharing the eu-char-ist's that's me,
According to our self's ab-il-i-ty,

Around our campus community,
You'll find signs of our diversity!
With each banner that proclaims,
The great Feminist Thinkers' names!

We are a Faith Community
I'll facilitate you, you'll facilitate me!
'Cause we're on a spiritual journey!
So sing a song of harmonious melody!

Let's respect other's dignity,
In a way that's sure to please,
Teaching the children to adore,
The variety of forms of love in store.


We'll do our parts to steward the Earth,
Do what we can to reduce births,
Eating only granola and soy,
We'll sing our Mother's praise with joy.