Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chesterton in the Public Schools?

Yes, in Chicago!

James McPherrin, a history teacher at Glenbrook North Public High School in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, Illinois reports to Kevin O'Brien, "Last year, in the wake of the AP European History exam, I read with the students Chesterton's What's Wrong With the World. It took two weeks to cover and was an unqualified fruitful experience. No backlash. No offended students or parents. The sections on womanhood were especially compelling for the students and generated some of the more lively discussion."

But that's not all! McPherrin continues, "This year, we look forward to covering The Well and the Shallows. I'm re-reading it now and anticipate that it will 'rock their world,' as the kids are so apt to say."

Indeed. McPherrin concludes by observing, "Chesterton belongs in the public schools. He addresses topics of immediate importance to young people and offers a sterling example of what constitutes superior prose."

McPherrin and his wife are planning on joining a group from Chicago who will be coming to the Chesterton Conference this August in Emmitsburg, Maryland. So look for Jim and say hi. You'll be there, too right?

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