Monday, May 10, 2010

Bl. Dominic Barberi on "The Journey Home"

Kevin O'Brien appears as Blessed Dominic Barberi on THE JOURNEY HOME on EWTN this week.

Who was Dominic Barberi? An Italian Passionist priest who dedicated his life to the evangelization of England, and who received John Henry Newman into the Catholic Church. His story is astonishing, entertaining, and gripping - and you can hear it if you tune in to the EWTN cable network at the following times ...

Monday, May 10 at 8:00 pm Eastern / 7:00 pm Central
Tuesday, May 11 at 1:00 am Eastern / Midnight Central
Thursday, May 13 at 2:00 pm Eastern / 1:00 pm Central
Saturday, May 15 at 11:00 pm Eastern / 10:00 pm Central

Also you can watch live streaming video at and you can watch episodes of EWTN's prime time programming via the above website or at

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am said...

Thanks for this -- I really enjoyed watching! It reminded me of the time when I was watching “The Journey Home,” and I got all excited when I thought, “You know who’d be a great guest on the show? Father Newman!” Then I went, “Oh, wait, he’s dead.” But I tell you, for those few seconds, I felt like emailing Mr. Grodi with this inspired suggestion of mine.

Anyway, awesome work on tonight’s “Journey Home”! Learned interesting new things about Bl. Dominic. And the clips from “To Follow the Light” tantalized; where/when can we see it?!

P.S. I never thought I’d see Father Brown portrayed with any success. The character from the stories just seemed impossible to portray, and the few films/shows I’ve seen were... OK, but the character just didn’t seem real, as it were. And then I saw Kevin O’Brien’s portrayal in “The Honour of Israel Gow”, and I was -- “That’s it!” So thanks for that as well. :-)