Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Law of Creative Production

Anything anybody produces on stage or on film, must have

1. Quality
2. Distribution (an audience)
3. Funding (money)

When considering whether or not to do work for a producer, 1) Quality can never be sacrificed, and at least one of the other two - 2) an Audience or 3) Money must happen.

In other words, I'll do a good show with a big audience for little money (under certain circumstances) or a good show with a small audience for lots of money (under certain circumstances), but preferably we should be doing good shows for the largest possible audience and for the most amount of money.

Some places we've worked for can't even guarantee 1) Quality, and end up shafting us on 2) Audience and 3) Money. Such places are, to put it kindly, "problematic".


Tom Leith said...

Engineers talk about the Project Triangle. In a nutshell engineers (as creative producers of another type) tell management "I can make it good, I can make it soon, I can make it cheap. Pick two."


Baron Korf said...

Good things cost good money.
This is true even of science