Friday, November 26, 2010

The Battle Analyzed

The temptation in this secularized world is to fly to the opposite extreme and become a fundamentalist, a Puritan or a Jansenist. The way to avoid that is simply to note how miserable such people are – and how miserable the liberalists are – the very people against whom the reactionaries are reacting.

There is an irony here that is meant to keep us humble. It is that the greatest sinners are the greatest victims of their own sin. Chesterton speaks of the innocent outer circle and those who mislead them, the “supremely guilty inner circle”. In the attempt to dismantle the Catholic Church, the more one looks into it, the more one sees the “supremely guilty inner circle”, the Satanists, communists and pederasts, who made a conscious choice to mislead the useful idiots about them. These na├»ve followers, the outer circle, good-hearted and well-intentioned (but foolish) people as a rule, were led astray by a small group of men utterly and deliberately devoted to sin, perversion and death.

And yet even these supremely guilty few were themselves victims of forces beyond their understanding.


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