Monday, February 14, 2011

The New Journalism

Joe Grabowski brings up the really central point of the YouTube-Journalist-in-Disguise cases (James O'Keefe and Lila Rose):

"The aim of Live Action in the use of these tactics calls the whole matter into doubt for me because of the object immateriality of the issue. They're trying to expose Planned Parenthood's lesser evils when the plain fact is that Planned Parenthood is engaged in cold-blooded murder daily. It's bad argument, morality aside: it's ad hominem circumstantial. The fact is we live in a relativistic age and a stupid age. Abortion is murder, and even if it seems a lost cause trying to get that fact recognized, I still think we're barking up the wrong tree trying to do anything else."


But Timothy Quigley responds to Joe on Facebook:

"I don't agree with you, Joe, that pointing out PP's law-breaking procedures that are the subject of the more recent videos are beside the point. I see a broader and more important implication here that an organization that stands firmly behind contraception as a virtue and a woman's choice to kill her children as a right will necessarily evolve into an organization that truly doesn't have the best at heart for women. I think it is vital for people to see that PP's willingness to protect these prostitution rings and subvert the law is not an isolated side issue, but rather just another one of many problems that organically grow from such a rotten foundation."

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Kevin O'Brien said...

But there's a problem with Timothy's objection.

It is not that an organization that kills babies would evolve into something worse, an organization that does not care for women. The fact is that an organization that kills babies is an organization that already does not care for women. There is nothing worse than killing babies. You can not evolve into something worse than that.

If you can imagine the headline PROOF THAT HITLER STEALS APPLES FROM APPLE CARTS, you've got the analogy. The will to power that fueled the Nazis does not evolve into the willingness to steal apples; it already includes that.

Joe's point is that the focus of these undercover stings is a focus on an immaterial part of what PP does. Timothy is right in as much as revealing this immaterial part serves to reveal the greater lie.

It's just a shame that people need to be shocked into realizing that PP will do anything, and abortionists like the butcher in Pennsylvania will do anything, when the enormity of their sin is visible for all to see anyhow, without undercover cameras.

But perhaps we're not looking.