Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vampires are Real

There are people in this world who will suck you dry. And then get mad at you when the blood runs out.

And the problem is if you're an employer, you will eventually hire a vampire. They won't look on your business and their job as an opportunity to work and be productive; they will look on your business and their job as a giant "teat" on which to latch themselves.

And the longer you pay them, the less they'll do, and the more harm they'll cause, to cash flow, morale, and the business system.

And the great irony is that every single time ... every single time ... when you try to correct this behavior or eventually put an end to it, the vampire will tell you, with exquisite confidence and smug self-righteousness that it was ALL YOUR FAULT.

Then they will suck off the government teat for as long as they can. They will drain every penny from unemployment and COBRA and if you run into them months or years later, they will tell you how happy they are now that they have moved on with their lives and you are no longer a source of negativity for them.

These people are also generally substance abusers, I've noticed. They can be very charming and pleasant, and if you hire them to do sales, just realize that the only selling they'll ever do for you is the selling it takes to land the job.

Vampires are real.

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Red Cardigan said...

Kevin, have you ever read the book "Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People who Drain you Dry?" It's available at Amazon, and is a really helpful psychology book discussing the exact issues you mention here.

While the author has a secular viewpoint, I think that plenty of religious people might benefit from knowing that Christianity doesn't require us to be a donor bank for narcissistic vampires who know how to take everything while giving nothing in return.