Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Emails with an Atheist - Part I

I've been told you're a Christian apologist!

Feel free to try and convince me of anything you like.

My only ground rule is that you allow me to publish our discussion wherever I see fit. Sound like a deal?




I'm fine with us publishing our correspondence, unless one of us specifically asks that what he writes (at some point) not be published. But I don't know what we'd correspond about. I was an atheist starting at the age of nine, and eventually as an adult became a Catholic. I understand you've gone in the opposite direction, more or less. That's fine as far as it goes. And since there is either a god, many gods, or no god, one of us is obviously wrong; perhaps both - the Hindus may be right.

But unless we both believe in truth and believe that discussion and argument is a way for men to try to align their beliefs with truth, there's no point in talking. Also, if you're confirmed with your atheism and content to remain in that spot, then don't talk to me about it. What I admire most in the good old vigorous atheism of my youth is a solid devotion to living and dying by the truth and the belief that by doing so one asserts and maintains a human dignity, regardless of how pleasing the truth actually is. I have found that many atheists today, however, lack the gonads to go that far. And I will frankly admit most professing Christians are pretty lame as well. We should both share the assumption that there is truth, that finding it and living by it is the highest of goals, whether that truth brings us personal pleasure and conforms to our desires or not. I'm not a Christian because it brings me comfort, and I hope you're not an atheist for the same reason. I'm a Catholic because I believe what the Church claims. You are an atheist because you don't.

At any rate, Christians are bound to proclaim the gospel, to all people; but it's not up to us to "convince" anyone. So I have no desire - or power - to "convince" you.

So if you'd like to correspond - about anything - with the above ground rules, I'm game. If not, "God bless you", as the Christians would say; "whatever" as the atheists would say.


P.S. I've noticed on the internet that nobody reads anything. People comment on posts without reading the posts, for crying out loud. If we begin to discuss, then let's simply avoid that trap by not recommending reading material to one another. If we can't argue on our own resources, and on principles of logic and reason, we shouldn't be arguing. If we want to make a case based on something an author wrote, we should quote the salient argument.

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