Friday, June 17, 2011


Father Corapi needs our prayers. He has announced that he is laicizing himself and is becoming a rogue evangelist. If you Google his new company "Black Sheep Dog" you will find his disturbing announcement under the heading of an outright demonic logo at the top of the page. I will not link to it. What he says is despicable double talk, extreme, psychologically disturbing, and egomaniacal.

Bishop William Mulvey of Corpus Christi needs our prayers. He is Fr. Corapi's bishop, and Fr. Corapi is placing all the blame on him (while claiming he's not blaming him), fomenting a phone call and letter writing campaign against his bishop (while claiming he's not doing that very thing), and flagrantly disobeying his bishop, who, from all I've heard, is a very good man and a solid Catholic. He is the one being persecuted here, not Fr. Corapi.

Fr. Corapi's accuser needs our prayers. Fr. Corapi's behavior lends credence to her allegations. She will be vilified and excoriated all the same.

Those of you who will follow this man into de facto schism need our prayers.

We can argue about torture, we can argue about super-disciples, we can argue about lying, but above and beyond all these squabbles within, one outward sign indicates fullness of communion with the Catholic Church, and that is unity with and obedience to your bishop, and your bishop's unity with and obedience to the Pope.

When one rejects that, renounces one's priesthood, and sets off on one's own, that is schism, plain and simple.

My prediction: there will be a lot of noise from the true believers, Fr. Corapi's die-hard followers, but only briefly. He has by this very act alienated half of his base, even though he's energized the remaining half. He will continue to spiral downwards until it becomes an embarrassment to watch him. There's a satanic element at work here, and it's not at work in canon law or in the episcopacy, as Fr. Corapi more or less implies. We are, however, a Church of Good News, and the Good News is there is a kind of self-regulating tendency in Catholics (a fruit of the Holy Spirit) which prevents us from going as nuts as the televangelists, end times gurus, and cult leaders who surround us - for if we do go that far off we cease to become fully Catholic and effect a kind of self-purgation from full communion with the Body of Christ.

This is a despicable scandal and Fr. Corapi is the perpetrator, not the victim.

Mark Shea says we should not be angry with him, for we are sinners as he is. I agree there are no perfect Christians here, and Fr. Corapi could still repent and rejoin the flock. But we should indeed be very angry.


Kevin O'Brien said...

If I'm really serious about doing penance, all I need to do is refrain from commenting further while the true believers applaud a man who has disobeyed his bishop and renounced his priesthood, as if such a thing were even possible.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, that's not schism, that's disobedience. There is a difference. Unless he's setting out on his own to celebrate the sacraments ("raise altar against altar"), he's not in schism.

Michael Francis James Lee said...

You've spoken well.
I take no joy in saying that, but it is what it is.

Lord, have mercy.


Kevin O'Brien said...

Bloody Papist, he will continue to function as a rogue-evangelist-for-hire, leading others astray. Even if he is not celebrating his own sacraments this amounts to schism, for the altar extends to the ambo, the Liturgy is of the Word as well as of the Sacraments.

Many of the Protestants who are in schism don't even believe in the Sacraments, but their separation from unity is schism all the same.

Anonymous said...

We're all scandalized at our house. But we're less shocked than we were a few months ago when this all started.

(I thought something was up when he appeared on EWTN with his new look about a year ago.)

The Lady of the House said...

In the words of the Pharoah in The Ten Commandments: "So let it be written, so let it be done."

Kevin said...

Schism is serious bidness. I'll leave it to the Church to decide when someone goes into schism.

Outside of that, I think Mr. O'Brien is dead on.