Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Video Reply to Michael Voris


Anonymous said...

Shame on you!


Shame on you!

We like Michael Voris, but we also like Kevin O'Brien despite ourselves.

Christopher Patrick said...

It appears you don't get Michael Voris' point very well, although you can't be faulted for that. A Saturday Night Live version of an episode of the Vortex is fair game for anyone.

Michael's point, as I understand it, is that people like yourself, whose bread is buttered by being in the good graces of bishops, refrain from criticizing leaders in the Church. This may be an unavoidable bias since so much of your career is dependent upon Church sponsorship (do you think you'd have a gig on EWTN if you engaged in regular criticism of bishops who deserve to be criticized?)

No one appears on EWTN TV or radio who is critical of bishops who fail to defend or teach the Faith. No one who writes (or blogs) for 'mainstream Catholic media' keeps his job by calling bishops to accountability for their failures to both teach and act on what they teach (e.g., Archbishops Chaput and Dolan, who are "all talk and no walk" -- does anyone in their dioceses ever suffer for public rejection of Church teaching? Anyone?).

Michael Voris appears to be calling "brown nose Catholic media stars" to accountability for failure to critique the current state of the Church, which IS in crisis (in spite of what Archbishop Dolan says).

Your skit is amusing, but all it does is affirm all those who already don't get what Michael Voris is all about. In other words, you continue to curry favor with all those who don't like Michael Voris, which are the very people Michael Voris calls to accountability, be they bloggers or bishops.

I am offended only because a good, faithful Catholic man is being unfairly mocked for the sake of entertainment. Try removing your USCCB-issue rose colored glasses and see if the condition of the Church isn't a good bit more dire than you are allowed to say (and keep your job).

Anonymous said...

Christopher Patrick, you have a terrible nerve. It's not about someone working for Bishops or EWTN, it's not about brown nosing (which is a disgusting term by the way). It's about the absolutely disgusting idolization of a Catholic priest to the point that people will possibly leave and attack the Catholic Church herself, and follow a man who has turned himself against Her and against the priesthood and fatherhood itself to serve himself. "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Michael Voris is being horrendously prideful in attacking those like Mark Shea and Jimmy Akin and others who in charity point out the horrific spiritual danger that John Corapi is in and that he is putting others in. Who does Michael Voris think he is? Whom does he serve? Who does he answer to? If no one, then he has better beware that he does not find himself serving no one but himself and error. Holy obedience in all things but sin, is a protection from error and our own horrible egoism. The Church of Jesus and her ministers (in Union with the Church! are a great gift from God to protect us and lead us to Heaven). - Adele

Christopher Patrick said...

Dear Anonymous Adele,

"Christopher Patrick, you have a terrible nerve."

Yes. I certainly do. Which is more than can be said for Shea/Akin/Scalia/Kresta/Kendra, all of whom are in one way or another dependent upon the good favor of the bishops at whose tables they fatten themselves in exchange for not criticizing them.

From what I am told by those who know him personally, Michael Voris IS actually accountable to several bishops (even a cardinal) who give him regular guidance and direction that he takes VERY seriously. His local ordinary does not approve of him, not because of doctrinal infidelity but because of "failure to comply with diocesan media protocols" (per their press release).

The Corapi video, which is mocked by Mr. O'Brien, was an occasion to call to task those who did NOT show charity towards Fr. Corapi in their commentary. I don't know who Michael Voris had in mind specifically, but it is easily demonstrated that there was considerable "piling on" and vitriol that was quite excessive and NOT charitable. Much commentary went well beyond known facts and into amateur psychology and outright gossip.

Fr. Corapi may have made a terrible mistake but he has not, so far as we know, sinned. All anyone knows is what has been stated by Fr. Corapi and others close to the situation. None of it warrants "I told you so," or "I always knew he was only in it for the money," or "I never did trust that man," or "he has most likely returned to his earlier life of sin."

Perhaps Michael Voris castigating others for their "uncharitable tone" is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Okay. So both the pot and kettle are black. Should no one say anything, or should we just pretend they're white?

It's a common human fault to avoid saying things that will upset one's superiors. The people *I* named above are all on either diocesan payrolls or the payrolls of media enterprises that would suffer if they attacked the hands that feed them. They ALL attacked Fr. Corapi in a way they never do bishops, as if "it's not like there's a crisis or anything" (per Archbishop Dolan).

Michael Voris always speaks, in the Vortex, AS IF there's a crisis in the Church. If there isn't a crisis, he should be ignored. However, if there IS a crisis, that crisis is perpetuated by those who ignore it. And "mainstream Catholic media" DOES ignore it because they need to eat.

Kevin O'Brien said...
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Kevin O'Brien said...

Chrisopher, before I correct a few things you got wrong in your comment above, let me step back and say a few things in general.

First, there is indeed a crisis in the Church, and I commend Michael Voris for confronting it in his videos. But surely Shea, Akin, et. al. are doing the same. Jimmy Akin confronts the crisis by educating his readers and listeners. Mark Shea confronts it boldly and gets a lot of flack for doing so.

And I don't know Akin or Kresta or some of the others you mention, but I know Mark Shea quite well and he is not on any diocesan payroll. He is certainly not biting the hand that feeds him, for he's fed by donations from readers and speaking gigs and book royalties - none of which, I assure you, adds up to very much. He's not in it for the money. If he were, he'd be an utter failure.

Consider as well that criticizing Fr. Corapi does not bring fame or fortune to anyone. You're much more likely to get a rock through your window and cancelled bookings than anything positive out of it.

And, yes, Fr. Corapi has sinned in so far as he has renounced his vows and turned his back on his priesthood. We dare not "judge" him for this, but we can judge the actions, which are objectively wrong, whatever is going on in Father's heart.

But the sad thing here, Christopher, is that apart from this idolization of a man that Anonymous points out, and apart from Voris' getting simply ridiculous with his innuendo and paranoia in the video I'm parodying, we're all very much on the same side.

Fr. Corapi's fans are very hurt by what he's done and by what is being done to him. Michael Voris' fans are fans because he's standing up against all the attacks against the Church, and God bless him for doing so. We are the Catholics who claim to take our faith seriously, all of us who watch and criticize Fr. Corapi, and all of us who watch and criticize Voris.

This is all the same team. I do not for an instant doubt that Michael Voris does what he does out of a zealous love for the Church. He, however, doubts that Shea, Akin, et. al. - and yours truly - do what we do out of anything but "shadow and ulterior" motives. And that's simply uncharitable.

We can, at least, Christopher, be united in prayer, so let's pray that Fr. Corapi gets back on track, obeys his superiors, and stops "barking like a dog". And let's pray that Michael Voris makes a better use of the media at his disposal than he did in that appalling video in which he slanders the critics of a man who has turned his back on his eternal priesthood.

St. Paul & St. Peter, pray for us!

LarryD said...

Kevin - that video was utterly hilarious. I know Michael personally, and I'm sure he would find it equally funny. He takes his work seriously - himself, not so much. Things like this are necessary in order to remain grounded and humble.

Keep up the great work! And God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Mr. D,

I didn't know you read this blog! what good taste.