Monday, July 18, 2011

Christians and Usury

I have an article published in the Distributist Review this week. If you wander what usury is, what the Church teaches on it, how it is ruining our economy, and how Christians shold respond to it, click here!

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Anonymous said...

My husband & I read your article paragraph by paragraph, stopping to comment and discuss each one. Well, two hours later, we finished it. We just bought Chesterton's book "Utopia of Usurers" from ACS last week and are reading it the same way.
Keep up the good work because this "choir" needs some preaching in the area of usury.
One area we discussed was the idea of giving allowances to children to "teach them the value of money", a practice that teaches the opposite and gives them poor spending and saving habits.
Thanks. Keep writing.
Yvonne & Family