Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Ain't all about Show Biz

The Fraternity of St. Genesius, in its wisdom, has its members pray an additional mystery of the Rosary every day, one of what I would call the Apocalyptic Mysteries (mysteries of hidden things revealed), in this case the Mystery of the Hidden Life of Jesus.

Why, I often wondered, would Actors and those who pray for Actors be asked to meditate daily upon the Hidden Life of Jesus, those years when Our Lord lived quietly with Joseph and Mary, before His public ministry - those years when He loved and blessed in many hidden and small ways?

Obviously, to remind us that it ain't all about show biz.

It ain't all about the big sermon, the throaty denunciation, the dramatic conversion. As Fr. Longenecker and St. Therese remind us, holiness is about small, un-noticed hidden acts of love and sacrifice.

We can still serve God if we don't hit the big time. We will still be loved if our pilot doesn't get picked up. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church if we have to retire to Robstown, Texas. Things will go on just fine, you know, even after we die.

Many of the actors who work for me are too young to remember Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson was as big as you can get. His Tonight Show was the pinnacle of the entertainment industry. Now Johnny is dead and half the people in the U.S.A. have no idea who he was.

Heck, Ringo Starr, my favorite Beatle, couldn't walk down the street without getting mobbed forty years ago. Now my YouTube videos get more views than his do.

But that won't last either, my friends.

Because even when you're as big as Kevin O'Brien, EWTN Rock Star, you're still smaller than the old lady in the nursing home who can't move her legs and whose kids don't come to visit, but who prays a Rosary every day and who in silent and hidden ways loved God and her neighbor her entire life.

Because it ain't all about show biz.


Mrs. Pinkerton said...

Thanks for the reminder! Too often we get caught up in things that Don't Matter.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start hanging out with old ladies in the Nursing homes. Well, put!
God bless,