Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blessed Dominic Barberi

Happy Feast Day of Bl. Dominic Barberi! Here I am on The Journey Home as Barberi telling his story.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, really love your performance as Barberi. Loved the part where "you can't be shaved without face" Really enjoyed that part. Seeing your portrayal of this saintly man really makes me hope for conversion for others, including some i know, who are living their lives the way he started off. I'm a lover of theatre and not just watching plays but also acting aswell; i always feel alive everytime i explored, got into & played a character onstage. Have loved it for as long as i can remember, ever since the dozens of playful re-enactments i did with my mum of the "i want some more" scene from the musical Oliver when i was 4.

Haven't acted in a year and 5 months now but still taking pratical classes again of T.Studies at uni as from oct, and the more the thought of acting as a vocation comes to me, the more i'm believing it to be my calling. Ever since i saw a play this year that mocked religion (believe me i didn't know it would mock until it started, went to see it to see good friends of mine that were in it) i had this urge to start a theatre that conteracts it, that presents religion, most particularly Catholicism, in a faithful and intellectual way through common sense and to bring others more closer to God. I did not leave that performance hating the person/people who created the play, but felt rather energized, ready to defend and found my faith surprisingly stronger. And in one otrocious scene i was on the verge of tears, feeling for the first time that sensation where you 'hate the sin but love the sinner' and offered up that suffocation i got from a presentation of a life without God up to Him.

Sorry that this comment is a wee bit longish, it's just that i enjoy your work and seeing this video again made me want to take the chance to contact you through your blog to share an experience, say keep it up & that i lift my hat off to you . . . would you believe that my agnostic friend told me those same words after i saw that play he directed? keeps echoeing in my mind. Can never forget the surprised look on his face when he saw me still sitting there during curtain call.
Again keep up the good work and looking forward to new posts. If you could answer this comment that would really make my day :)