Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Superior Photo Journalism

Pictures I took on our 2005 trip to Duluth, Minnesota.

This is the Actress.

This is our hero. We'll call him "Ken".

Ken thinks: "I may have to save this Actress' life some day."

The Chester-Belloc Drinking and Debating Society meets on the shore of Lake Superior. The Actress was an Observer, as women aren't typically allowed at the meetings.

The Actress had fun.

Our hero had fun.

The Actress was showing me her dental work.

Time to leave!

Oh, dear! The Actress has fallen into the Lake!

ACTRESS: What happened?

KEN: You fell into the Lake!

"Ken is my hero! He saved my life!"

Ken thinks: "Hmm. Where are my keys?"

The Actress is embarrassed. Ken has lost his keys in the Lake!

We return the Actress to her room.

The next day: I find Ken's keys! They were right where he left them - at the bottom of Lake Superior.

Colin and friend Sam search for rocks. Who is that girl behind them?

She seems to be bending over backwards to get their attention.

But the boys don't notice her - at all.

Well, I notice her and I get it all on film - Superior Photo Journalism.

Meanwhile, it's now 2011 and today during outdoor rehearsal my actress Maria fell into the Lake - fully sober, during the day. I fished her out without getting wet. It was really rather scary, as the Lake can be quite hazardous. Maria, to her credit, dried in the sun and our outdoor rehearsal continued. She's a real trooper.

No pictures, though - too busy saving her.

I am told that over the weekend actress Emily fell into the river.

The only damage so far has been to cell phones .

Today (August 16) is Day One of the St. Genesius Novena. St. Genesius, please keep us safe!

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