Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A New Credo

I believe in one head of hair, that of Michael Voris, hair from hair, more hair from more hair, and in his infallibility. I believe "professional Catholics" who make a ton of money on their faith, like Mark Shea, Kevin O'Brien and Timothy Jones, should be criticized in a vague nameless way. I believe in one holy Corapi, forced out of his ministry even though we all remember he quit. I believe we can make a good case for lying, torture, and the subjugation of the poor. I look for the election to come, Real Catholic TV without end, amen.

Pictured above: the Michael Voris look is all the rage!


Mark Scott Abeln said...

Come to my barbecue next weekend! I'm serving endangered species kabob grilled over moon rocks.

Mrs. Pinkerton said...