Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scamming the Scammers

Got this via email today at our sister company, Upstage Productions ...

I am pleased to announce that Upstage Productions has been selected for the 2011 St. Louis Award in the Amateur Theatrical Company category by the US Commerce Association (USCA).

I'm sure that your selection as a 2011 Award Winner is a reflection of the hard work of not only yourself, but of many people that have supported your business and contributed to the subsequent success of your organization. Congratulations on your selection to such an elite group of small businesses.

My reply:

Gosh! What a shame. We're not an "amateur theatrical company" so that award you spent so much money on needs to go back to the company that took the time and effort to make it.

Good news, though - I have awarded the U. S. Commerce Association THE BEST ADVERTISEMENT IN THE "LET'S SEE WHAT KIND OF SUCKERS WE'RE DEALING WITH" CATEGORY. Just send me the routing number of your checking account, and I'll send the certificate right to you.

Kevin O'Brien
Vice-President & Artistic Director
Upstage Productions


For the report by the BBB designating the so-called U. S. Commerce Association as scam artists click here.

1 comment:

Tom Leith said...

That award was made with Photoshop. They'll actually make one up for you when you order it.