Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Scandal Continues

Priests for Life was sending me those annoying beg emails every other day, so I finally "unsubscried" and it seemed to have worked. Now I am getting spam from a group called Free Father Frank. These emails are coming to a private email address which almost no one knows.

But Priests for Life knew it.

And as soon as I unsubscribed from Priests for Life, this new organization somehow got my email address ... apparently from them. The new emails offer no unsubscribe option. They are spam plain and simple. They slander Bishop Zurek and they have that "Spirit Daily" quality.

This, coupled with more and more evidence that Priests for Life is in fact involved in some sort of financial chicanery, particularly with a group called Gospel of Life Ministries - which, sources tell me, is an organization utterly devoted to the Consequentialism endorsed by Father Pavone, should, at the very least, give one pause.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you. I haven't (thankfully) received any FFF begs, but plenty of Priests for Life mail. I realize non-profit groups have to solicit donations, but with PfL, it was so...industrial? That is, only one step removed from those solicitations designed to look like a Fedex envelope, or official-looking letters with warnings that it may only be delivered from a Federal official. (i.e. a mailman)