Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Humor of Shaw and Chesterton

Here I am reading from a letter written in 1908 by George Bernard Shaw to G. K. Chesterton - and from another letter from Shaw to Chesterton's wife, Frances. Shaw is quite funny here. It's worth watching.

My friend Mark Shea follows up with a few observations about Drama and the Faith.

This is taken from an unaired episode of The Apostle of Common Sense on EWTN.


Derek Caudill said...

Kevin, this is hilarious. Great Irish accent, by the way. Ironic that such a leprechaun-esque speech now characterizes a man who held such an anti-mythological philosophy as nihilism.

In my opinion, Chesterton didn't need any "pins" stuck into him because he already had so many "pens" with him which he was already busy sticking into error.

Anonymous said...

Best parts: "insult your corpulence . . . Torture Belloc" - i thought 'yeah, good luck with that Shaw' - "Steal your wife's affections by intellectual and athletic displays . . . Shaw was 62" XD Loved that part - and to Frances "My proposal is that you fall into transports of admiration for it [the play]" Brilliant Irish accent also as well as the tone of voice; when did this conference take place? I'm definitely forwarding this video to friends.