Monday, December 26, 2011

Odds and Ends

First, a new policy on comments. If you post as "Anonymous", you must sign the comment with your name. You know my name, our readers should know your name. Since lately "Anonymous" comments have been more or less this ...

"Kevin, you are utterly pathetic and not to be trusted. Reading your stuff I realize what a coward and a cad you are. You are a very low form of life. I am amazed at how judgmental, hateful and closed-minded you are. You are a few notches below morally reprehensible. I don't believe a word you say about Bishop Finn, Father Corapi, Father Pavone, or Michael Voris. You are not even as good of a person as Judas."

... I feel that such commenters should at least have the gumption to embarrass themselves by name.

Second, here's my review of Midnight in Paris, the most recent Woody Allen movie.

So the trailer of "Midnight in Paris" made it look like an interesting romantic comedy - character comedy. Then about 15 minutes in it becomes a narcissistic fantasy. Woody Allen at his lamest.

I looked up "self-indulgent" in the dictionary. There was a picture of Woody Allen.

‎20 minutes before the end of the film, it's all "let's add stupid onto stupid" and see what we get. It's either 2stupid or stupid squared. Not sure which.

I looked on the side of the box and this is what it said: Take a pseudo-intellectual worldview, moronic and predictable plot elements, mix in some interesting directing and a few scenes of good dialogue and you get this waste of 90 minutes.

The photography was interesting, but Owen Wilson's acting choices consisted of "be a blonde Woody Allen". An insultingly bad movie.

- Anonymous


Anonymous said...

For some reason your blogger account won't let me use my wordpress account to log in like other blogs do. Therefore, I'm forced to use "anonymous."

Dr. Eric

P.S. Has Woody Allen made a good movie since the 70s?

Anonymous said...

Father Barron has made a very interesting review on "Midnight in Paris" on the wordonfire channel on youtube. Never seen the film, but Fr. Barron's conclusion out of this review really made me reflect.


Adele said...
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Adele said...


I think your assessment of those people/clergy is spot on. God bless you for it. Feel free to cut the vicious commenters off. If they suck the life out of you, and bring you down it's just not worth it. I'd report that one guy on the Bishop F. post who threatened you. There is an FBI internet crime website and you can use the IP address. People can't just threaten and hide behind their tenous anonymity.

God bless and protect you.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you did not like Midnight in Paris. I really enjoyed it. I can't believe how close-minded you are. I don't believe a word you said about Owen Wilson and Woody Allen. You are not even as good a person as Snooki. But, then again, I really like Hallmark Christmas movies.