Friday, February 10, 2012

God Bless the Church

The letter issued Friday by the USCCB - the USCCB of all groups! - is brilliant.

God bless our bishops.

And God bless those standing with them. My enumeration of those standing with our bishops and standing up for religious liberty against tyranny comes from a post by Mark Shea.

God bless EWTN.

God bless Priests for Life.

God bless Belmont Abbey.

God bless the Eastern Orthodox bishops.

God bless Chris Matthews (!)

God bless the Republicans (!)

God bless the Evangelicals.

And may God save us from religious persecution and the man who is spearheading the Culture of Death.

President Obama desperately needs our prayers. He is not the antichrist (I don't think), but he is doing the work of the spirit of antichrist. We must realize he is but a man, a man with a heart that can be touched by God, if he opens it. Pray for him. He has become a tool for great evil and he will be a harbinger of greater persecutions to come.

I once predicted that if the persecutions arrive in full force, 2/3 of the US bishops would apostasize.

Maybe I was wrong!!!

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