Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Calling All St. Louis Area Fans!

THE CALL - What’s your vocation? How can you hear the call of God in a world that never shuts up? Theater of the Word will present its comedy about a young man who knows there’s more to life than money and pleasure, but Old Scratch keeps frustrating his search. 7 PM Wednesday April 11 at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in Crestwood. Admission is free; donations gratefully accepted. For more info phone 314-842-5231.

Praise for THE CALL

I am so glad I got to come and experience seeing The Call this last weekend! You guys showing up in my life has got to be one of the best things that has ever happened! You and your crew has been an inspiration! I saw God shine in every single one of your faces! You guys are wonderful people! Last night when i got home after 11pm, my grandma and I had a little chat about the conference and of course, about you! I told her how wonderful you guys were and how being with you guys has helped my discernment a lot! I was telling her that whenever I heard a talk on evangelization and missionary work... my heart felt pulled, and also when I watched the show you put on... I also felt pulled. So to sum it all up, I feel God might be calling me to go out and evangelize. I don’t know, though, that it could be through talking, acting, singing... Not sure on that part. But I know your prayers will most definitely help! – Carmen, Liberty, MO

This play is a tremendous offering to the Catholic community and beyond! - Diane, Kansas City, MO

I thought The Call was an extremely great presentation regarding what a person goes through in the initial stages of discerning a call from God to serve His Church. It intertwined humor and reality in a very realistic way that I believe speaks loudly and clearly to both young people and their parents. It is a show I very much would like to host for the young people of our own diocese. – Fr. Greg Galvin, Director of Vocations, Diocese of Noriwch, CT

St. Elizabeth of Hunary Parish is located at 1420 South Sappington Rd. in Crestwood, MO, on the east side of Sappington Rd. between Big Bend and Watson.

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Unrelated friendly heads up: Lydia at the What's Wrong with the World blog linked your video of Religion and the Modern World as connected to a recent intolerant crackdown on homeschooling. See here:

I gave a brief plugola of your blog and to check out your other movies.