Saturday, April 21, 2012

October Baby in April

First Things has a bad review of a really good movie - but what's intriguing are the comments.  Worth checking out.

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yankeegospelgirl said...

Hmmmm. Well I haven't seen the film, but I didn't like the reviewer's tone.

As for _Tree of Life_, I did see that film (well, most of it anyway... I skipped the bulk of the creation scene), and I thought it was a mixed bag. It LOOKED gorgeous, and there were brilliant moments when all the elements came together very powerfully. But then there were other moments that were downright insufferable. I came away thinking, "Here's a director who has a fascinating mind, yet is obviously far too fascinated with himself." And the spirituality was disappointingly nebulous. It could have been stronger without being "preachy."

So I don't think that film is exactly the epitome of great Christian art. It's very interesting, vaguely spiritual art that could have been great art if it was less inflated. A much better example would have been _Chariots of Fire_, or the recent _Of Gods and Men_.