Saturday, April 21, 2012

Treasure in a Combox

While looking around at First Things, (see my last post) , I came upon this gem in one of the comboxes ...


Perhaps, Christians would do well to ponder Henri de Lubac's words, "the church is not instrumental to God’s purpose of redeeming the world, rather the world is instrumental to God’s purpose of fashioning a body and bride for his Son."

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Anonymous said...


Hope this finds you well. Thanks for the prayers, had even involved St Gorg Preca to have some local help.

Unfortunately, this summer's Shakespeare play has been cancelled. Though despite the disappointment, on the bright side i've found myself to be inspired lately to take part in the one act festival organised by the drama club each year, and to adapt and direct one of Chesterton's short stories. I'm an actor and never did directing, though the illuminating idea just hit me unexpectedly.

I'm really looking forward to where this adventure will take me, hopefully if it all goes well in full swing and uni does not be a problem for me, i'll keep you posted - if you like.

Thanks again for your prayers. Will certainly keep you in mine.