Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stupidity vs. Pride

Here's why it's impossible to debate so-called "gay marriage".

It's not that those who support it will not admit to metaphysics, to natural law, to purpose, to objective truth.  It's not that marriage has been so degraded in our culture that it means nothing, and that "gay marriage" is just an extension of that nothing.  It's not even that a false compassion gets in the way of clear thinking.

Yes, it's all those things, but it's one thing more.


You now have the opportunity, if you're a secular fundamentalist with no higher purpose in life, to latch on to a big one.  All you have to do is applaud those who are demanding that anal intercourse is a virtue and that the state reward them for indulging in it.  All you have to do is claim that opposition to "gay marriage" is bigotry, and BAM!  Magically you're a good person.

You can argue people past many misconceptions, but you can make no headway against a belief that serves as a handy substitute for virtue.

No amount of stupidity is ever as harmful to our souls as one ounce of Pride.

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Sebonde said...

"Secular fundamentalist" is a very useful term.