Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Journey Home of Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien, founder of the Theater of the Word Incorporated, will be featured on EWTN's The Journey Home  on Monday, August 6 at 8:00 pm Eastern time (7:00 Central).  Kevin recounts his journey from atheism to the Catholic Church, which began with his experiences on stage; and he and host Marcus Grodi discuss many things, including the relation between Acting and Faith.  He will also be featured on Grodi's radio program Deep in Scripture on EWTN Radio Wednesday, August 8th at 2:00 pm Eastern (1:00 pm Central), discussing a number of Scripture verses, especially as they relate to the spirituality of the arts.


Thus reads our press release.

The fact is, I don't really remember what Marcus and I talked about.  We taped these appearances over a month ago, and he and I had a great time visiting, talking non-stop both on-air and off, for over five hours

At one point I began to tell a story on the radio show and realized I had told the same anecdote to Marcus earlier that day; but I couldn't for the life of me remember if it was in Marcus' office over coffee in the morning, during the taping of The Journey Home before noon, at lunch over Chinese food, or just five minutes prior at about 2:00 pm on the radio.  So I simply shut up and let Marcus change the subject!

Actress Maria Romine, who was touring with me and present for the whole day's fun, assures me that the interviews were very enlightening and entertaining. 

So watch and listen! 

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Anonymous said...

This makes me wish I hadn't ditched cable. But, I can watch it over the internet.

Dr. Eric