Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Spawn of Nietzsche

OK, I can understand young girls getting a secret thrill out of Ayn Rand - Rand's novels are Hallmark Movies on steroids, where the shirtless heroes are selfish geniuses who take what they want when they want it and ride off into the sunset on some powerful and muscular horse, snorting along the way (the horse, not the hero).  And girls have always liked Bad Boys.

But why would young guys get into this stuff?

Well, young guys don't typically get into Ayn Rand, but it seems lots of American Kids are Hitler Youth - devotees of little  Freddie Nietzsche.  The syphillitic Nietzsche and his charming witticisms can be seen here ...

I would just like to point out that's me doing the acting, not my moustache.

At any rate, this particular video gets a ton of comments on YouTube, almost all of them from college boys who have never read Nietzsche, but who hear rumors that Nietzsche said that God is dead and that you can do whatever you want, and the more of a selfish jerk you are, the more your morality is that of the Superman.

This is a very attractive philosophy to college boys, who are selfish jerks to begin with, and who really need to feel that their desire to dominate and not-give-a-fig is justified by philosopohy - even if it's the philosophy of Hitler and Rand. So most of the comments on this video sound like this (I am copying and pasting the following verbatim) ...

Interesting how -in the description fo this video- they add "syphilitic" when Nietzsche's name appears. Just like saying: look where that thought will lead you.. so don't pay attention to it. Big balls are needed to go deep in Nietzsche's rational work, which goes beyond the control of the ego, that ego that has been represented by GOD or moral consciousness. ¿And what is left beyond these two concepts we do not know and can only imagine? The unique answer relies in the depths of each of us.

- So writes someone who calls himself "McBrave15".  I believe the "15" part. 

And I wonder if, between video games, this young man returns to the thrilling intellectual challenge of discovering what is left beyond those two concepts that we do not know and can only imagine.  ¿What could it be I wonder? I am certain at least that the unique answer does indeed rely in the depths of each of us. All those movies about the Force and all that tell me so.

At any rate, it takes some Big McBalls to go deep in Nietzsche's rational work, which goes beyond the control of the ego, but you can do it with very little McBrains.


Benjamin. said...

I don't think myself part of that group though I am in college.
Probably an illusion, the result of college professors not letting any non-communists speak up in class. Can have quite the silencing effect.

Morgon Riddlemaster of Hed said...

Why thank you for saying I have Big Mcballs that's very sweet of you. When I finally get around to shooting all you Christians I might just leave you out =3

Kevin O'Brien said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I rest my case.

Kevin O'Brien said...
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Benjamin. said...

Don't pay any attention to these online commenters.

Benjamin. said...

I thought of another reason lying to the Nazi's through giving a false location could be bad.
It would imply that you were on there side, and I believe it would be quite an awful thing to pretend to sin.

Anonymous said...

I can't Stand Nutty N, period!!!
Had to deliberately avoid choosing a particular study-unit for next year at uni that is based on N's "Birth of Tragedy", or as i affectionately dub it, "I'm a Walking Tragedy".

Bdw, i need your prayers again Kevin, from one actor to another. I've signed up in a theatre festival for Sept where i've adapted one Father Brown story into a play, and my actors' random timetable is alittle discouraging to start rehearsals. Although it's out of my hands, i'm trusting myself and situation totally to God, so long as He is the one who wants me to do this.

Please keep me in your prayers brother in Christ :)