Friday, August 10, 2012

Hilaire Belloc - the Perfect After-Dinner Speaker

Actor Kevin O'Brien as Hilaire BellocI will be performing as Hilaire Belloc a lecture on "The Great Heresies" on Sunday, August 26 in St. Louis.  Be sure to come!  My friend Dale Ahlquist said, "Everyone in America should see this show."

The following comes from the Credo website -

The Church has dealt with heresies since Pentecost: Arians denied the Divinity of Jesus Christ; the Manicheans denied His humanity; the Albigensians denied the existence of an omnipotent Creator. Although Belloc says “doctrinal Protestantism is dead” its effects remain, and so it deserves a mention among the more definite heresies. But there are today two great heresies that threaten Christendom mortally. Mr. Belloc thinks Mohammedanism is a heresy in the same way as the other ancient heresies, and he will explain why he thinks it has survived some 1,400 years and why it is a mistake to think it is not a threat. But the Mohammedan has a definite faith. Belloc will also describe what he calls The Modern Phase, wherein we experience a diffuse attack on the reasonability of faith itself, which leads straight to the HHS mandate.

Join us at 6 PM Sunday August 26th for an evening with Hilaire Belloc, Catholic novelist, essayist, social critic, poet, and Member of Parliament at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton, Missouri. Non-Members $32; Members $27; Group of 8+ $27. Free inside parking at the 7777 Bonhomme Parking Garage. The bridge from the garage to the hotel is on the Orange Level. The garage gate will be open when you leave. Register Here by Noon on Tuesday, August 21st. First time? Other Questions? E-mail us here and be sure to leave your phone number.

Full Color Logo for Catholic Christians Defending Christ & His ChurchHilaire Belloc (1870 — 1953) will be portrayed by St. Louis actor Kevin O’Brien. O’Brien has a series on EWTN called Theater of the Word, and you may have seen him and members of his acting company in various episodes of EWTN’s The Apostle of Common Sense, and The Quest for Shakespeare. (That’s Credo Board member Tom Leith as The Duke of Venice, nervously presiding over the suit of Shylock v. Antonio). O’Brien portrayed Fr. Brown in the EWTN movie The Honor of Israel Gow, and Professor Eames in the feature film Manalive, adapted from Chesterton’s novel ,which premieres in early August. Locally, he’s heard on Covenant Radio as The (nameless, slightly reverberant) Voice of Authority on the program Faith Conversations with James and John.

Menu choices this time are Lemon Pepper Chicken, with a Lemon Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli; or Pasta Primavera. Entrees are served with salad, rolls, appropriate veggie, iced tea, and coffee. Dessert this time will be a cool, light sorbet.

Register Here by Noon on Tuesday, August 21st. After that, no guarantees but e-mail us here and be sure to leave your phone number.


Anonymous said...

Did Manalive premiere at the conference as planned?

Kevin O'Brien said...

Yes, and it went well. I will blog about it once we have the movie in place so people can purchase it or access it - which should be soon. Netflix or Amazon? Or DVDs even.