Thursday, August 9, 2012

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Kevin O'Brien and Marcus Grodi get Deep in Scripture

Many of you saw Kevin O'Brien, founder of the Theater of the Word Incorporated, on EWTN's The Journey Home  this week.  But a lot you don't get Catholic Radio, and so you miss Marcus Grodi's excellent program Deep in Scripture, in which he interviews guests about Scripture passages that they find significantly meaningful.

And guess what?  Thanks to the magic of the internet, the radio show becomes a TV show!  You can watch Kevin's hour-long appearance on Deep in Scripture below - the video recording of Kevin's radio appearance.

How to Book Us

We received many emails and calls after The Journey Home from folks who wanted more information on how to book us for a live performance. 

To begin with, you can find out more about the plays we perform at our website, .

Our pricing is very reasonable.  We charge less than it costs us to produce the plays and to run the apostolate.  You can either pay per show or you can pay a day rate as part of an extended tour - if you do the latter, we'll perform as many shows as you can schedule - up to four per day - for one low rate!  Also, you can save a ton of money on travel if you book us as part of an existing tour (see the article below) 

These shows are moving and powerful dramas and comedies - they bring the joy of Christ in a profound way to your parish or school.  You really need to book Theater of the Word Incorporated!

For more information, email us - , or call 1-888-840-WORD. 


Upcoming Tours

Tours are starting to form for our live performances, including ...
  • October / November in Nebraska and the Plains
  • February in Florida
  • March in New England
  • Summer of 2013 in New England
Hop on board and book us when we're in your area!

Featured Video

On The Journey Home Kevin mentioned the EWTN movie version of G. K. Chesterton's play The Surprise.

Here, from an episode of Kevin's series The Theater of the Word, Kevin invades the set of another EWTN series The Apostle of Common Sense, much to host Dale Ahlquist's chagrin.  They proceed to watch and critique The Surprise.

To watch the clip, click here!

To purchase The Surprise on DVD, click here!

Featured Blog Post - Chesterton and Joy

For our readers who don't know anything about G. K. Chesterton, the writer whose works have converted many to the Christian faith, including Kevin O'Brien - read Kevin's post about the indescribable joy, suffering and adventure at the recent American Chesterton Society Conference in Reno, Nevada.

Click here to read!

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