Monday, August 27, 2012

The Keyes to this Election

In this stirring article, Alan Keyes demonstrates that not all conservatives are rolling over and playing dead when it comes to the Next President of the United States, Mitt Romney.  Keyes gets many things right in this article, including his description of how the Party is trying to marginalize those who refuse to drunk the Kool-Aide and support a candidate who is only distinguishable from his opponent in his being more dishonest.

Some highlights ...

... the term "conservative" gets progressively (pun intended) redefined to encompass more and more of the features of socialism. What is more important, those who articulate and insist upon approaches that actually correspond to conservative principles and institutional goals (like respecting unalienable rights, preserving the natural family, encouraging morally responsible individual entrepreneurship, and competitive free enterprise) are put in the false position of being unrealistic "purists" and rigid opponents of "the possible."

 On both sides of the sham election currently being staged, truth is the uninvited guest. The racial partisans say I should not tell the truth about Obama's allegiance to the cult of death: his advocacy of child murder; his suppression of the family's call to procreation; his abandonment of God's precious gift of freedom in order to enslave humankind to the outcomes of "history," however inconsiderate, vile and inhumane.

The GOP partisans say that I should not tell the truth about Mitt Romney's worship of ambition and financial gain, which led him, too, to sacrifice conscience and unalienable right in order to feed the depraved appetites of those he thought necessary to his advancement. I should not tell the truth about his deed-conflicted stands; his careless healthcare packages tainted with the blood of murdered innocence; his socialist "bipartisan" schemes tainted by the sacrifice of conscientious liberty.


Anonymous said...

To describe Obama as left-wing is pushing the truth. He may be personally, but his policies have been anything but liberal. To refer to Mitt Romney as left-wing is so delusional as to not merit a response. He wants to cut taxes on the rich, cut earned benefits from government, continue the conservative health care plan known as "Obamacare",
switch our socialized and most popular health care plan (medicare) to a private voucher system, has chosen an Ayn Rand disciple as his VP, is using some of the most vile racism I've ever seen from a candidate (repeatedly lying and saying that Obama got rid of the work requirement for welfare and bringing up the birther issue), and vows to run government "like a business", which any respected economist will tell you is insanity.

I can't comprehend how badly educated you have to be to think Romney is a liberal. He is a libertarian on abortion, but that's about it. I guess you have to be delusional enough to believe that god watched humans suffering miserably for 98,000 years without doing anything before finally deciding to intervene in the most illiterate part of the world via human sacrifice of himself to redeem the human race. He didn't appear to the Chinese, who can read and record history properly. No, he raped a Jewish virgin and then nailed himself to a cross and that means that we're saved. Yeah, you'd have to be about that stupid.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is thank God people like Alan Keyes are becoming more and more irrelevant by the day. I shudder to think what would happen to America if conservative Christians took over.

Kevin O'Brien said...

Anonymous # 1, I was with you until "He raped a Jewish virgin". For one thing, she consented. For another, there was no sex act. For a third, you've revealed yourself to be a hateful bigot.

I'd ban you from future comments if I knew who you were, but you're too much of a coward to sign your own name to your vile hate speech.

I'm more than happy to engage atheists in discussion. I was an atheist myself for many years. I'm even more than happy to point out how Romney is taking "conservatism" more and more to the left, which you can't see - though the other political things you say ring true.

But intelligent and valuable as your comment is, when you cross the line by claiming Mary was raped, you crossed the line.

So either man up, tell us who you are and apologize, or acknowledge by your cowering anonyminty that you're just a bigot with enough common sense to make your bigotry all the more despicable.

Scott W. said...

For those of us that hold that universal suffrage is the lex orandi to Liberalism's lex credendi, then yeah, the Rombot is a liberal. :)