Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finally! Blogging Pays Off!

This discussion has developed in the comment box of my post Lessons of Morality from Shakespeare and Ferris Bueller ...


i have to take up for my boys phineas and ferb. i have heard these claims to their immorality on a number of occasions from as many judgmental parents, and i issue the P&F challenge: produce a single incident of immorality being celebrated that i cannot refute with context and Church teaching alone, and on my honor, i will send you a twenty dollar gift card to the local restaurant of your choice.

yeah now you know i mean business, huh?

seriously, i watch these shows with my babies (8,6,4,&10mos) as i do all the media they consume, and i see only a promotion of childhood wimsy and the idea that no accomplishment is outside the grasp of one's imagination.

trump me and i will pay up, BUT,,, if no one can, then i ask only for a humble retraction of the reference to their promulgation of evil by the author.

Kevin O'Brien said...
Ah, Brute Force, you owe me dinner!

First, I LOVE "Phineas and Ferb". It is one of my three favorite shows. The other two are "The Journey Home" and "Judge Judy". The head writer is a Chestertonian and a fan of "The Apostle of Common Sense". The songs are fantastic; the show is spectacular.

However, there are occasional problems. Leaving aside the peculiar agnosticism of their first Christmas special, when 16-year-old Vanessa Doofenschmirtz is about to go camping with her friends, her father objects, and even though she's going to be sleeping in the same tent overnight with teen-aged boys, the lesson of the episode is that old Dr. Doof needs to get over his hang-ups and let his daughter do her own thing. Don't want your teen sleeping in a tent in the woods with boys? You're being over-protective. That's the lesson.

To his credit, at least, old Doof won't let her get a tattoo!

Otherwise, we're in total agreement that it's the best show on the air.

So ... when will you pay up???!



Anymouse said...

I have to admit that I don't watch long running children's cartoons. I enjoy the good animated films like Beauty and The Beast, and I did watch the first two Pokemon movies when I was a child but I have never watched the Pokemon show or others like it. I know Phineas and Ferb is pretty popular, but I have never tried watching it.

Ink said...

Ooh, can I plug a cartoon? Avatar! Quill and I are writing a series about it and its intrinsic moral good which is so often lacking.
This is the start of our series post:
Here =D

Neil said...

For kids (and adults) into superheroes, try "Spectacular Spider-Man" on dvd.