Sunday, September 30, 2012

From Our Lady of Victory to St. Mary of Victories

The weekend saw us at the beautiful Our Lady of Victory basillica in Buffalo, New York.  Here I am with Joseph Pearce and Dale Ahlquist in front of the Lourdes grotto and the tomb of Father Baker.

The ever affable Phil Viverito introduces Dale, Joseph and me at St. Amelia's, speaking on G. K. Chesterton

At St. Amelia's about to speak on Chesterton

Our loyal fan, Paul Friedman

Joseph, Dale and Kevin at the Q & A following our talks.

Niagra Falls

View from the Observation Tower on the U.S. side.

American Falls

Fr. Brian Harrison, chaplain of St. Mary of Victories, St. Louis, MO

We drove back from Our Lady of Victory in Buffalo last night to catch Mass at St. Mary of Victories in St. Louis this morning, all during the novena that leads to her Feast Day, Oct. 7.

Bishop Peter Elliott of Melbourne, Australia celebrated Mass at St. Mary's this morning.

A young lady in the pew.


Martin Moleski said...

Sounds like you had a great pilgrimage--glad you got home safe. Thanks for blessing us with your presence!

Anymouse said...

This is truly beautiful.

Stan Metheny said...

Thanks for taking and posting the pics of Bishop Elliott's Mass. I look forward to seeing more of them when I'm back in St Louis later this week.