Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pagan Parish Picnic Party!

As a follow-up to two previous posts, Sex, Sin and Compromise and Let's Talk about Sex, Baby, here's more from my secret diaries, proving that I'm not only a judgmental cynic on this blog, but also privately in real life ...

September 24, 2005

Went to the [local parish] picnic today. What a completely non-Catholic feel to everything that was going on there. It was a muted Pagan festival, and not much more, from the driving “[fornicate] me” rock music to the hedonistic carnival atmosphere to the huge boorish beer guzzlers to the West County chicks and their make-up. What has happened to the Church?

Anyway, knowing the parish in question now better than I did seven years ago, I can honestly say that I stopped far too short in my judgmentalism.  I simply failed to see that the reason the parish picnic is a muted Pagan festival with nothing to remind one of Christian life or Christian joy is that the parish and its parishioners are pretty much ABC - Anything But Catholic. 

I'd prefer an all-out Pagan Picnic myself, however.  If you're gonna go carnival, go all the way.  And if a parish church is going to emulate the local shopping mall, well, emulate it and at least bring in some good stores.  If we're going to ignore Christ, let's at least have some fun in the process.  Not that a shopping mall is fun, but Mass at a quasi-mall sure the hell ain't.

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