Saturday, September 1, 2012

Right Meets Left

The misunderstanding concerning my post on the Hegelian Mambo danced by both parties is that liberals can't imagine Romney as a liberal; or for that matter Obama as a conservative.  So when I say Romney is the most liberal candidate the Republicans have ever nominated, my readers think I'm nuts.  So let me explain.

A better way of saying this is that Right Meets Left when Hugde marries Gudge

What does this mean?

Hudge and Gudge are G. K. Chesterton's colorful allegories for Big Business and Big Government.  Chesterton saw that communism (the far left) was simply the culmination of unrestrained capitalism (the far right).  In both cases - a totalitarian leftist communist State and a monopolistic right-wing no-holds-barred-capitalist State - individual liberty is lost and people become de facto slaves, slaves to either the State or to large corporations - which eventually merge and become one, big business controlling and running big government.  Today we have both parties serving as tools or sock puppets for the interests of big business, with a ruling oligarchy acting as mere figureheads for the plutocracy behind the scenes.

And so, like it or not, vote how you will, the following will happen, as our shadowy masters, Hudge and Gudge, have ordained it.  We will have in this country, will we or nill we -

  • Abortion on demand
  • Euthenasia
  • Socialized medicine
  • Wars of imperialism
  • Fiat currency and market crashes
  • More and more resources falling into the hands of fewer and fewer people
  • Religious persecution
  • Thought police
  • Trusts and monopolies replacing small businesses
  • Unrestrained usury
  • More and more criminalization of non-criminal acts
  • More and more legalization of the unnatural and the impossible
  • Persecution of whistle-blowers and dissidents
  • Attempts to crush free speech

and so forth.  Some of you may be for some of the bullet points above; I'm opposed to all of them (except for some form of subsidized health care for all, including the poor).

The point is that both Republicans and Democrats support the above bullet points, in some cases overtly as part of their platforms.

Now, there are good signs, indications that the slide toward Apple Pie Totalitarianism may not succeed. 

For example, the internet is a Distributist force, taking power away from centralized communication corporations and allowing it to be distributed to the people.  The young still have a disdain for and a distrust of liars-in-authority.  Home schooling is still legal.  Small-scale economic communities and operations can still manage to exist.

But our choice this election is between a pro-abortion supporter of "gay marriage" who will do nothing to reign in Wall Street and who will insist that conscience be extinguished in a socialized health care system and who will not stop our slide into the next war of imperialism on the one hand ... and the other guy who can be described in exactly the same way on the other hand.

This is a false choice.  Left has met Right, and (as I wrote about here) Hudge has married Gudge.

Occupy Wall Street?  Occupy America!

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