Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Charity of Humor

In an absolutely brilliant and funny post, Thomas L. McDonald defends Mark Shea from the calumny of Fr. West.

This is also a great answer to those who say, "Why can't we all just get along?"  Well, if Fr. West gets back on his medication, maybe we can.

Seriously, Human Life International has not had the best record of hiring or of supervising the priests who work for them.  Unless and until they rein in Fr. West, they are clearly not an organization pro-lifers should support.


Anonymous said...

So. Much. Hate.

-Sean Dailey

David said...

The critics seem to be guilty of the same thing they are lamenting- they demonize the entire organization of HLI due to the comments of one of its employees(albeit vice-president), while it is also calumnious to infer that HLI knew of Fr. Eutenuer's conduct and condoned it. There is no information I am aware of that has concluded such. Fr. Eutenuer is also the only problem example at HLI I know of and this hardly constitutes a track record of problematic personnel. You may not like what Fr. West is saying and that he is attacking one of Catholic celebrity crowd, but don't proceed to argue that position by the very thing you accuse West of.

Kevin O'Brien said...

David, there is much evidence that HLI knew that Fr. Euteneur was up to no good and did nothing to stop him. Read up about the case on the interent.

And your tactic of saying, "Why don't we all just get along?" won't cut it here. If Fr. West wants to rebut Shea's theology, let him do so. If he wants to attack him vindictively and with venom, misrepresenting what he says and banning Shea supporters from commenting, then the archdiocese should do what it did - intervene to put an end to it.

HLI had problems before Fr. Euteneur. They have a major problem now NOT because their vice-president is attacking a "Catholic celebrity", but because their vice-president is a vindictive and unbalanced man, at least judging from the campagin he has launched.

Again, criticism is one thing, if conducted fairly and openly. Character assassination is quite another, especially when a priest of Christ engages in it.

But you and I agree on one thing - "Why can't we all just get along?"