Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Titanic Teen and Titanic Hero

Cady Crosby, homeschooled 15 year old, has written an engaging little book on a Titanic Hero - Fr. Thomas Byles, one of only three priests who sailed on the Titanic.  Fr. Byles gave his last hours to minister to those in need - calming the panicked, helping women and children onto life rafts, granting absolution, praying - all the while refusing to leave the ship and save himself, so that he could shepherd others.

The book is available through Amazon.  Titanic Heroes, the website run by Cady and her brother Benjamin can be seen here.  The duo travels the country performing a show about the unsung heroes of the Titanic and the lessons we can learn from them.

Cady comes from a wonderful family.  It is encouraging to see the Domestic Church lived out so well, and to see the fruit it bears, not only in the Titanic Heroes project, but in the person of Cady Crosby and the Crosby family.

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