Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Dog's Life

Yesterday we had to put our dog Presley down.

Taken on my last walk with Presley, before he got sick.  The "rainbow bridge" is, significantly, in the background.

He was the sweetest and most loving dog I have ever had - very intelligent, tremendously loving.  Our family was blessed to have had nearly eleven years with him in our lives.

The great mystery of existence can be seen when you're with a dog as he dies.  He was happy to be with us, even at that last moment, even in pain and misery.  And he was loyal to the end.

The loyalty - the eternal trust and loyalty of a dog.  If we know a handful of friends or family members in our lives who can be as loyal out of love, we have been blessed indeed.  God must have made dogs, among other reasons, to model for us true devotion.

Oh!  And Presley could talk.  But he couldn't sing that well.

Here he is attempting to sing "How Much is that Doggie in the Window" on one of our O'Brien Family Singers annual CDs (this is an mp3 file and may take a while to load on your computer) ...

How Much is that Doggie in the Window - sung by Presley (with Karen and Colin)

The following year he did better as he sang about his favorite activity, Take a Walk on the Outside.  I tried to help him on this number, but son Colin did most of the work.  Again, be patient, as the file may take a while to load.

And finally, Presley joins the entire troupe on Family Song.

God bless our dog!


Tom Leith said...

Sorry Kevin & family. Less than a happy birthday today I suppose...

Red Cardigan said...

So sorry, Kevin. Prayers for you today.

Stan Metheny said...

Sad news, Kevin. A few years ago we had to do that with our border collie, Ellie. She was 18, and we had her for her last 14 years. We still feel the loss.

Jamie Adams said...

So sorry for the loss to your whole family. Eleven years is a long time and Presley sounds like he was a true companion through several transitions in your family's lives. May God give you comfort as you grieve this loss.