Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Want What I Want When I Want It

This is the religion of today.  This is every one of us.  This is also the brilliant actress Noel Wells.

But on a more serious note, this is us.

Why defend Christopher West when he's obviously wrong and wrong in a sick and dangerous way?  Because I-Want-What-I-Want-When-I-Want-It.

Why argue with me for suggesting that 15-year-olds should not be having sex?    Because I-Want-What-I-Want-When-I-Want-It.

Why lie when it's convenient to, and twist the Catechism to support us in doing so?   Because I-Want-What-I-Want-When-I-Want-It.

Why ignore the Reality of Christ and make the great Unreality of our dreams our God?  Because I-Want-What-I-Want-When-I-Want-It.

Argue all you wish, whether with atheists or stubborn Catholics or liberals or neo-cons, it won't do any good.  Most people do not argue in good faith.  Most people do not live in good faith.  Most people simply Want-What-They-Want-When-They-Want-It, and to hell with you if you stand in their way.

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Anonymous said...

"Their coffee's too hot!"

Well, actually their coffee is too disgustingly oily, but ok.