Sunday, December 30, 2012

Liberty is More Than a Hobby

Breitbart has a thrilling story about the Christian couple who run Hobby Lobby, and their plans for civil disobedience in the face of Obama's unjust HHS Mandate.

At great financial risk to themselves and their company, the Green family will refuse to fund drugs that cause abortion, mandated as part of Obamacare.  This may ruin them and destroy their life's work, costing them a potential  $1.3 million per day in fines - but it is the right thing to do, indeed the heroic thing to do - whether you're a Christian or a member of any Faith - or even an atheist. 

Indeed, the first comment on the Bretibart site reads ...

I am an agnostic and I stand with the Green family. They are fighting for what they believe in, and they are fighting for all of our rights. I fully support them in this.
Fellow Christians - including Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox - fellow believers, including Muslims, Jews, and others - and brother atheists and agnostics - we must support Hobby Lobby fully and completely in this.

Beginning January 1, when this act of tyranny (the HHS Mandate) kicks in, and when Hobby Lobby pushes back, this is what we need to do.  Go to Hobby Lobby.  Buy stuff.  I don't even know what they sell.  I don't have any hobbies.  Our house doesn't even have a lobby.  But I will go there and buy stuff. 

For the Green Family are on the front lines of the New Martyrdom.  The article on them quotes St. Peter in the book of Acts ...

When the apostles were ordered [by the "court" of their day] not to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone, the Book of Acts records: “Peter and the other apostles replied: ‘We must obey God rather than men! The God of our fathers raised Jesus from the dead—whom you had killed by hanging him on a tree.’”
... which is also the way Peter himself died, for standing up for the Lord - a glorious death.

My friends, let us make the support of Chick-Fil-A look puny by comparison.  Support Hobby Lobby. If they only sell pencils for people whose hobby is pencils, buy a pencil a week, a pencil a day. And then throw yourselves in front of their doors if Sonia Sotomayor forces them to pay for the killing of innocent children.

That's right.  If the courts rule for tyranny and not for liberty, we know the very least that we need to do.

If the Feds show up to confiscate Hobby Lobby's property to pay their multiple millions of dollars in fines, or if they show up to shut them down, physically resist.  If thousands of us placed ourselves before the doors of the nearest Hobby Lobby, the tyrant would lose.  Would the Feds fire on their own people?  Not if there were enough of us, and there are.

The Civil Rights battles are back.  We are not slaves.  We are a free people.  And we will not allow our president, our courts, or any bureaucrat to force us to betray our God, to betray our Faith, to betray the innocent among us and the morals we hold most dear.

This is not about "religious liberty" only.  It's about protecting innocent lives.  If Obama can force us to procure abortions for our employees, he can make us do anything he wants.

Resist.  The.  Tyrant.

We still have heroes and good Christians among us.  Support these people.


UPDATE: The date is January 5 to show your support.  See Standing with Hobby Lobby. 

And send the Greens a message of support here.


NEW UPDATE - Frank Weathers writes here on the latest set back for the HHS Mandate.

And more importantly, Frank Weathers writes here on the necessity of Civil Disobedience in this issue.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Canada, but I'm hoping to try and find a Hobby Lobby near the border so that I can go and support them.

Anonymous said...

The only way this Obama UN-CARE madness can be quickly stopped, is when the uniformed enforcement folks charged with enforcing the unlawful "law" will also show civil disobedience and simply do nothing. Majority of the police or military force are Christians themselves, and I cannot imagine them exercising any form of violence against their fellow citizens - Christians or not - it would be the beginning of a second civil war in this country, and the whole Obama gang that bullies people with this diabolical "law" will have blood on their hands they will neve be able to wash it off. So for once, lets take an example from Yeltsin's Russia, when the military and police forces refused to fire on its own people. YES buy a pencil or two from Hobby Lobby and sign with it a petition demanding religious freedom and send it to the White House. But most of all, PRAY unceasingly because once a zealous idiot fires a government bullet that kills an innocent protester, there will be unfathomable consequences for us all.

Blessings, El Camino

Anonymous said...

This same attitude needs to apply to the defense of the Second Amendment as well. Otherwise, once he government disarms the people, we wll no longer be citizens, but slaves of our masters in Washington.

New Orleans said...

I am also a Canadian citizen and I will also try to find a Hobby Lobby close to my border so that I might support these God abiding people.
God bless them and my prayers are with them and all Americans who must make moral choices pertaining to life and death.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for these people integrity

Heidi said...

We don't have a hobby lobby in Maine, but I'll be placing a large online order from them!!!!

Confederate Papist said...

I support this effort. I have no other reason to go to HL other than that....and that's good enough for me!!

"If thousands of us placed ourselves before the doors of the nearest Hobby Lobby, the tyrant would lose. Would the Feds fire on their own people? Not if there were enough of us, and there are."

Um..yes, they would.

Francis Manion said...

The news isn't all bad. We've actually gotten injunctions against the mandate for three different companies so far. Two of them are located within a mile of each other in good old St. Louis. The area between Forest Park and the Hill is now an enclave of religious liberty amid the gathering hosts of tyranny. Google Map "O'Brien Industrial Holdings," McRee Ave., St. Louis, and American Pulverizer, Macklind Ave. , St. Louis, to see what I'm talking about. Our third client is the Korte Company, not all that far away from St. Louis in Southern Illinois. See also

Anonymous said...

I think that's great! There's also the internet.

Therese Z said...

They're pretty great at picture-framing in our area. There's a good way to shop there without having any hobbies!

Teresa Beem said...

So even if Hobby Lobby does get a pass, what about us citizens? I STILL have to pay for Obamacare and the HHS mandate as an individual citizen! Any law that passes allowing an exception for employers just then passes the responsibility to us! Why isn't anyone talking about the individual being forced to purchase insurance that pays for abortifacients, contraception and sterilization?

Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian and I will search for a Hobby Lobby, so that I can support them. God bless them.