Sunday, December 23, 2012

What I Really Want for Christmas

What I really want for Christmas is to tick everybody off.

  • I'm starting on Facebook, where I'm baiting a Devout Catholic who can't stand the thought that certain Catholic celebrities, media stars, or personal prelatures are actually subject to criticism.  A few months ago, I would have patiently tried to explain everything to him, and if he didn't get it, I would have blamed my own lack of patience and my own lack of ability to communicate.  But I've learned that people like this just don't listen, and it's simply more fun to tick him off.  And it's the Holidays, after all, so let's have at it!  I mean, really, what's Christmas without a good fist fight?

War is over, if you want it; or we can give peace a chance right in your big fat kisser.  You can quote me on that.

  • Next, I plan on really getting on my kids' nerves.  That part is easy and will take very little time.  My son is 20 and my daughter is 17.  I get on their nerves by being in the same room with them.

  • Finally, tomorrow night will see Christmas Eve dinner with the Obama Catholics meeting the Limbaugh Protestants around the same table.  I genuinely hope the evening ends with both sides mad at me - and my wife in tears vowing never to speak to me again.

  • As to my wife, Karen, well, she's always ticked off at me anyway, so she doesn't count.

  • Finally, what's Christmas without infuriating someone on this blog?  I don't know how to do it.  Should I defend the Catechism?  Criticize sexual predators?  Stick up for the poor?  All of these things have caused firestorms in the past, so I don't know which one to choose over Christmas.

At any rate, it's a simple Holiday wish, and I'll do my best to see that it gets fulfilled!

Merry Christmas to you all.

(You may lodge formal letters of complain in the comboxes below.)


ColinK said...

You seem to thrive on the chagrin of others. -- Er, I mean, you should be thrown from the nearest rooftop! How could you dare believe no mortal is beyond reproach!? You probably celebrate Easter or believe in the Immaculate Conception, something like that. People like you make others very uncomfortable.

Merry Christmas, Kevin. :)

jvc said...

I have a late comment about Kevin's note that he is tweaking a Facebook acquaintance about people who are beyond criticism and reproach.

I'm beginning to think that this has to be a bigger part of the strategy to take on such figures, rather than stale fact-based analyses.

This reminds me of my ongoing annoyance at conservative pundits who go on the Sunday talk shows or MSNBC expecting to engage in a fair, rational debate with people who just want to destroy them and everything they stand for.

A lot of the people who support West, etc. are not going to let themselves be subject to facts and reasoning. To think so presumes that they are interested in the truth more than they are interested in supporting their guy. With the fanatics, this just isn't the case. And that's why we go around and around and around with the same arguments.

The more efficient, more effective approach might be to simply point out the absurdities of X famed Catholic celebrity and let the fanatics flail around trying to defend the impossible. The reverse-phallic symbol book cover of West's newest book is a potent source of such deserved mockery.

Joey Higgins said...

Sometimes it takes a long time, but the arguments left sometimes sink in. Most times I think that if we are successful in convincing someone, we may never know.

I had an argument with a woman in the youth ministry about the way she was "leading guys on" and she was angry at me for about 2 months before admitting I was at least a little correct. Most times, I don't think most would get even that.

I know that from my personal changes and maturation that it takes a lot to change someone's mind and a long time.