Friday, January 4, 2013

Anal Sex - Gateway to Freedom!

Clearly, "gay" people can be in loving relationships with other "gay" people.

But sodomy by its nature can never express love.

And if it can - if sodomy, or masturbation, or any self-serving narcissistic perverse activity can express love, then anything goes.

Sin is therefore an illusion and "love" is whatever we want it to be.  Life has no meaning, other than whatever sick illusion we tack on to it.

This is why if you accept sexual activity outside of marriage and procreation - if you accept sexual activity that is at its lowest and most profane - then you can never say no to any human activity after that.

Anal Sex - Gateway to Freedom!


Anonymous said...

Hit the nail right on the head in just a few words! Well done!

Anonymous said...

One small suggestion:

That you put " " around the word sex when referring to any sexual acts outside that which God has decreed.

As Catholics, our problem isn't that gay people are having sex, it's that they're simply not even doing that!

Fornication, masturbation, life-denying sexual acts are all mockeries of the only kind of sex there is; that which is holy.


Kevin O'Brien said...

Michael, interesting comment. I reply to it in my most recent post, here -