Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Building to a Crescendo

The following is a press release from Movie to Movement on the most remarkable short film I've ever seen.

Based on a true story and set in the 18th century, Crescendo follows a series of extraordinary events that turn a woman's ordinary day into an incredible experience. Watch the trailer now and get a taste for why it has already won 15 international film festivals and received unmatched praise!

As a producer on this film, I can say without equivocation that Crescendo is incredibly special and will change the world!

On February 28th, 2013 we plan to host 100 screenings across the world, raise over $1 million and forever change the way the entire world looks at the protection of unborn children. 

So go watch the trailer, and make sure to spread it all over social media to share this masterpiece with your friends and family! This is a historic moment in the fight to protect all human life, and you cannot afford to miss it!
I have seen the entire movie, which is not even 15 minutes in length, and it was one of the most stunning experiences I've had watching anything on film.  This is not only a powerful pro-life movie, it is a powerful movie period.  It will bring us out of the Catholic Ghetto, single handedly.


Benjamin. said...

I don't mean to sound to pessimistic here, but how the heck is it winning that many awards from secular film festivals?

Joey Higgins said...

Well, Les Miserables is a Catholic Story and it's regarded pretty highly. I think that's the part of the point of, "getting out of the ghetto," is that the point of the film is made without it being corny, in your face, and totally sanitized from being "real."

Kevin O'Brien said...

Joey & Benjamin, the movie is winning awards because it's very good. It's not "in your face" pro-life. The pro-life message is very powerful, but arises naturally from the story. It is not, to quote Joey, "corny, in your face, totally sanitized from being real". And that's our challenge as Christian artists - to create art that is primarily good art, and to create it from a fully Christian perspective.