Sunday, January 27, 2013

Eulogy for the Man

Bob Costas' eulogy for Stan Musial, delivered yesterday at Stan's funeral Mass at the Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis, is not to be missed.


Tom Leith said...

A eulogy is perhaps appropriate at a wake, but at a Requiem Mass we're supposed to be praying for him, not canonizing him. I am very, very (very) disappointed to have seen this spectacle, made all the worse by its worldwide broadcast. A Prince of the Church and an Archbishop lost a great chance to teach.

Gerald Casey said...

Bob Costas, thanks to his understanding of how to write—and then his "perfect knight" oral delivery of that precious piece of writing—summed up Stan's heart and life perfectly. No one could have done better, just as no one could have lived Stan's life better than the "perfect warrior" did, as he understood how to live among all of us. He was a magnificent example of unselfish caring for his fellow man.