Sunday, January 20, 2013

Evil Industry, Evil Men, Evil Purposes

In reply to a reader wondering how Matt McGuiness can redeem his dreadful CNA article with Parts Two and Three, which are supposed to be following, Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger states ...

The damage is done. There is no high-brow explanation for pornography that somehow provides redirection for an otherwise noble spirit. Men are hardwired in such a way that under the influence of original sin and without grace, they fall into the habit of objectifying women. Pornography fills a ready market that will always be there. The product, like a drug, tends to increase demand by its very existence and even more by its acceptance as normal. The pushers make billions of dollars by processing women and commodifying them. Pornography is a poison that sends souls to hell, corrupts men, humiliates and denigrates women, destroys marriage and virtue. It is an evil industry run by evil men for purely evil purposes.
But, of course ... McGuiness will be excused because his intention is to convert souls to God. But it does not make what he said any less asinine.

This is from the combox at Dawn Eden's blog, Feast of Eden.  

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jvc said...

The latter half of his comment exposes the true evil of much of the West agenda on this point, which is to ignore the serial, systematic abuse of women through pornography.

I don't think West or his supporters have any respect for women, when it really comes down to it. Just look at how he treats our Blessed Mother, of all women.