Saturday, January 12, 2013

Keeping Up with the Keeping Down of the Joneses

Jones has been caught in this whirlpool because no one speaks for him. Big Government has robbed him of his freedom and the little capital he had. Big Business has done the same. Jones the welfare recipient is not much different from Jones the wage-slave. He wants everything done for him: his health care, his retirement, his vacation, his calendar. Our entire system is anti-family, and it’s not surprising that we are trying to re-define the family, because what we really want is to be taken care of, including receiving the same employee benefits that whomever we’re sleeping with is receiving. Those who object risk condemnation by the elites, showing once again that, as G.K. Chesterton wrote, “Modern broad-mindedness benefits the rich; and benefits nobody else.”
So writes Sean Dailey, editor-in-chief of Gilbert Magazine.  Sean, like me, writes best when he is angry, and his editorial shines with the kind of clarity only two types of people have.  This kind of truth is spoken clearly only by dying men and guys who are really ticked off.  Read it here. 


My last post, Cows and Computers, which was on Distributism, has done its share of ticking off.  The Anti-Distributists are trying their best in the combox.  But the whole thing makes me wonder why the Anti-Distributists are so touchy.  I mean, if the system is as insipid, vague and unworkable as they say it is, why bother?  If our critics are right, there's no way Distributism would work (even though, as I pointed out, it IS working, as the internet is simply Distributism applied to Information Technology).  There's no way it would even get off the ground (though it's how men lived for a millennium or more in Europe, and it's how our entire Information Age is now structured).  Why bother to slam something so silly and stupid - if Distributism is as silly and stupid as they insist it is?

The answer is our critics are nervous.

They know that Hugde and Gudge - Chesterton's personifications of Big Business and Big Government - are indeed conspiring to crush Jones, Chesterton's personification of the common man.  They know that this last election, more than any other event, showed people the sham our system has become, presenting us with the most patently false choice between two presidential candidates we've ever seen.

They know that this system, which is no longer Capitalism, but which has evolved naturally from the errors of both Capitalism and Socialism, is broken beyond repair.

This system will end with us enslaved de jure as well as de facto; or it will end by free men refusing to be slaves.

It will end with Jones becoming the official and disposable property of Hudge and Gudge; or it will end with Jones doing something about it.

Which will happen once Jones gets really and seriously ... ticked off.

Because only then will Jones stop reading the comboxes and start seeing clearly.

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